ANAHEIM CA — January 2016 — Aqua Klean Systems, a leading provider of advanced PCB cleaning equipment, today announced the company’s 20th year in business. Over the last 20 years, Aqua Klean has consistently expanded as an international company serving its customers throughout the world.


Mike Schwager, President of Aqua Klean Systems commented, “20 years has gone by fast, I am proud to see how far our company has progressed and the milestones we’ve achieved and will continue to achieve.”


Aqua Klean Systems has been an innovative leader in electronics manufacturing equipment since 1996. The company began with the design and manufacturing of zero-discharge water recycling systems. Shortly thereafter, Aqua Klean Systems began refurbishing, servicing and distributing used inline cleaners from all manufacturers. The experience Aqua Klean’s engineers gained by working with multiple brands of PCB cleaners along with customer concerns, allowed Aqua Klean to design The Typhoon fleet for the ever-evolving industry standards. The Typhoon was built to remove inadequacies in previous cleaning procedures and to revolutionize the PCB cleaning industry.


Aqua Klean Systems has built an exceptional relationship with its customers by providing innovative products and outstanding customer service. The team takes pride in working with customers to solve any process issues they encounter now, or into the foreseeable future.