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Modular, Cost-Effective, and Maintenance made easy.

  • All of our products are handcrafted and assembled in our Southern California Facility.
  • We pride ourselves on customer service. Once you enter the Aqua Klean family, we treat you like it. You aren’t just another number to us.
  • Our cleaning systems are designed to fit into virtually any process
  • All of our equipment is easily accessible, making it a breeze for your maintenance staff
  • Our systems not only our customers, they also help the environment by saving water, chemicals, and power consumption.
  • Our team has spent the last decade researching and implementing the optimum cleaning process for our equipment

American Made Products

T-8 Typhoon (Zero-Discharge)

Our T-8 Typhoon Inline Cleaner will take of any Chemical Cleaning and will pair up with any of our Water-Soluble Typhoons (or your existing WS Inline Cleaner)

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T-9 Typhoon (Water-Soluble)

Our small footprint Water Soluble Inline Cleaner is able to clean the toughest of components for it's size

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T-12 Typhoon (Water-Soluble)

T-12 Typhoon Inline Cleaner was the most popular cleaner of 2017 utilizing it's powerful design with a small footprint.

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T-15 Typhoon (Water-Soluble)

Our T-15 was our initial flagship prototype which has driven our Typhoon Inline Cleaning Product line to enable our customers to clean efficiently and effectively. It offers a powerhouse of performance and cleanliness.

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Closed Loop Systems

We offer various Recycling Systems to accommodate a multitude of facilities. Our Eco-friendly Closed Loop Systems help your company conserve water and media usage.

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T-20 Typhoon(All-in-one)

The T-20 Typhoon Inline Cleaning system is your all in one solution to clean No-Clean, WS Fluxes, and RMA circuit boards.

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Ultrasonic Stencil Cleaner

Our Manual Ultrasonic Stencil Cleaner offers exceptional stencil cleaning performance at an economical price.

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Transfer Station

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