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Ultrasonic Stencil Cleaner


The AKS Stencil Cleaner is a world-class ultrasonic stencil cleaning system. It provides manufacturers with excellent cleaning performance while meeting budget and floor space requirements. Ideal size for multi-workstation set-up, the AKS Stencil Cleaner requires minimal space while delivering uncompromising cleaning results. If budget, floorspace, or multiple workstations are required, look no further than Aqua Klean’s ultrasonic stencil cleaning system.

Easy to program and operate, simply place your stencil in the rack and press the start button. The stencil cleaner will lower your stencil into the wash tank, which is filled with high quality detergent, and is ultrasonically cleaned by high-speed microscopic bubble implosions. After only a few minutes, it then lifts your cleaned stencil from the wash, and you spray-clean by hand to remove the loosened solder paste and other contaminants. Last, you use a low-pressure dry air gun removes the remnant rinse moisture and your stencil is ready to be used again all in only a few minutes time!


  • Complete cleaning Microscopic, ultrasonic removal of solder paste, post solder flux build-up, and more
  • All-in-one cleaning All workstations included in one compact unit, minimizing required floorspace
  • Easy loading and unloading Low-profile, top-centric design requires no or minimal bending
  • Portability The entire systems moves easily around your shop on sturdy wheels
  • Conservation of detergent From wash station filter that extends chemical life
  • Conservation of waste water From closed-loop filtration system
  • Easy maintenance With easy-to-access, easy-to-replace parts
Overall Dimensions40.75″ left to right by 33.5″ front to back by 36.5″ high
First Sump Dimensions31″ left to right by 6″ front to back by 26.75″ deep (24.75″ liquid depth)
First Sump Capacity20 Gallons
Second Sump Dimensions31″ left to right by 10″ front to back by 30.5″ deep (27.5″ liquid depth)
Second Sump Capacity37 Gallons
ProcessWash, Rinse
Facilities1-3 GPM (4-6 GPM on demand) DIW@ 1-2 Mohm, 30-35 psi and process temperature, 65-70 CFM CDA @ 30 psi, 1-2 CFM shop air @ 60 psi, unrestricted floor drain
Power Requirements240 volts/60 Hz/1 phase, 25 amps
Ultrasonic Frequency40 kHz
Ultrasonic Density 50 Watts Per Gallon
Ultrasonic Timer An analog panel-mounted timer with buzzer
Heat4000 Watts of strip heat at first pump
Temperature Control A 0-250°F panel mounted thermostat
Blow Off A PVDF air blow off gun with 6ft stainless steel braided hose. Include a filter regulator with gauge
Spray RinseA PVDF spray gun with 6ft stainless steel braided hose
Standard FeaturesStainless steel lift off covers, A float-type low liquid level safety, A capillary bulb-type over temperature safety thermostat
BasketMesh basket size 29” X 5” X 26.25” with built-in drip handles
Tank MaterialType 316L stainless steel with a #2B finish
Cart Material Powder coated black roll around cart with fitted casters
PlumbingComplete hard plumbed process piping with all appropriate flow control and isolation ball valves
ElectricalA NEMA 12 enclosure with all the control mounts to the right side of the console