ANAHEIM, CA — September 2017 — Aqua Klean Systems, a leading provider of advanced PCB cleaning equipment, today announced that CONCISYS has selected its award-winning Typhoon T-8 Chemistry Zero-Discharge Cleaner. With headquarters in San Diego, California, CONCISYS is the area’s premier SMT EMS provider.

CONCISYS has an existing T-18 Water Soluble Inline cleaner and Aqua Klean water filtration system. Its new T-8 Chemistry Cleaner enables the company to efficiently clean RMA, no-clean and water soluble (OA) fluxes. It incorporates an adjustable chemical injection pump to assist in maintaining a stable chemical wash concentration.


The T-8 integrates a 15 horsepower wash pump with a combination of flooding and high-pressure wash for optimum impingement cleaning of PCBs. The dynamic air blow-off design allows for a water free zero-discharge chemical isolation. The T-8 also features an industrial touch screen interface for simple process control and the industry’s safest drop-in immersion heater.


Since 2000, CONCISYS has delivered quality, high-tech electronic assemblies to customers in a wide variety of industries that include; telecommunications, networking, consumer, industrial, defense and computer peripherals and systems. The company offers state-of-the-art solutions to OEMs that require a reliable partner for the manufacture and repair of their products. For more information, visit


Aqua Klean Systems has built an exceptional relationship with its customers by providing innovative products and outstanding customer service. The team takes pride in working with customers to solve any process issues they encounter now, or into the foreseeable future.

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